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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The naughty kid Tintu Mon

Father to Tintu Mon: Why can't you think every woman as your mother?
Tintu Mon: I can, but if i do so, what will people think of you?

Bus Conductor: Why are you standing near the door, is your father a watchman?
Tintu Mon: Why are you always asking for “change”, Is your father a Beggar??

Tintu Mon to lover: Yesterday I had been to your house!!! Looks like our marriage will not happen!
Lover : Hey dear ! What happened? You met my dad ???
Tintu Mon: No! In fact, I met your sister!

English Class
Tintu Mon: I sleep with dad last night
Teacher corrects him:! I slept with dad last night
Tintu Mon: So you reached my home after I slept????? Very baaad Teacher!!!

Teacher: Name the liquid which changes to solid when heated
Tintu Mon: Dosa

A Professor to Tintu Mon: “what is attention deficit hyperactive disorder?”
Professor: “i don't understand anything”
Tintu Mon: “same 2 you”

Teacher :What is the name of Gandhiji's son?
Tintu Mon: Dineshan
Teacher :Why?????
Tintu Mon : Mahatma Gandhi is the father of ‘di-neshan’

Tintu Mon : how am I born ?
Mom: Oh dear! You reached in a flood!
Tintu Mon: So how are you and dad born! And grandpa and grandma and others?
Mom: Oh dear! Even we all in a flood!
Tintu Mon: Opps! No one in this family is born for proper parents!!! Shame on us!

To be is to do(Socrates)
To do is to be(Plato)
To be or not to be(Shakespeare)
Alright here you go!!! .Scoo be do be dooo(Tintu mon, LKG)
(That is the jingle of a local student’s bag ad)

Teacher: What is “Al2 O3″ ?
Ramu: Alumina.
Teacher: Tintu, What is ‘Fe2 O3″?
Tintu Mon : “Filomina”

Tintu Mon: ‘Dad Dad! I wanna say something!..
Dad: Never talk while having food youuuuu idi***+_#)_(*)$(&!!!
(After eating)
Dad: Ok now tell me what you want?
Tintu Mon: I was about to tell this……..there was a lizard in your plate!!!!!!
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